Intel Atom Board

For dabba2 I decided to use the Intel Atom D510MO board for the simple reason that it is available locally.

Here are the pet-peeves...
  • Parallel port is a jumper block, not a port header.
  • SPDIF is also a jumper block (OK, three pins).
  • No IDE ports 
    • Tried a SATA-2-IDE adaptor with a mixed bag of results
      • DVD drive ATAPI does not get recognised
      • While HDD got recognised as a SATA disk, LILO could not boot from it.
    • so for the time being it network boot only, but see the problem below..
  • Ethernet controller
    • Sometimes  the cable is not detected, have to plug-out plug-in coupel of times to get it recognised.Also randomly  appears as 10 MBPS, 100 MBPS. This could be because the board is connected to the passive switch with a longish cable. I had noticed this problem with the earlier VIA board also.   


To start with the kernel is  cloned from and tuned for the D510MO Platform.

GCC Compiler

GCC 4.5.x contains the -march=atom and -mtune=atom options for the Atom specific optimisation ( see ).

Another option is to use the Intel compiler, free for non-commercial use.