Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator

Broadcom released the CrystalHD acceleration BCM70012  in in June 2009  and followed it up with  BCM70015 .  BCM70015 comes in the mini-PCIE format  (half height) and it is really tiny, of the size of a largish stamp. It delivers hardware decoding of the MPEG1/2, H.264, VC-1,  MPEG4 Part 2 / DivX / XviD support. It is a good fit for the Dabba2 Atom board though the original problem of the lack of HDMI port still needs to be tackled.

Both sides of the CrystalHD accelerator card:
CrystalHD Front side

CrystalHD back side

Same card installed in the Atom D510MO board:


Getting this setup to play nice in Dabba2 is not hard as all the components are already available:

  • Kernel module and the user space library:  
This is available at The OE recipe file builds the kernel module, userspace library and packs the firmware files so that they can be loaded at startup.

  • mplayer support

Philip Langdate has the detailed instructions  to build the patched mplayer. Right now I am constructing the full mplayer tree and then prepare a .tgz archive for the OE recipe. (Going forward recipe to be improved to checkout the git repositories directly and build).

After installing the necessary bit on the Dabba2 target, HD content can be played out on the SDTV using the command

mplayer-chd  -fs -vo xv -vf scale=720:576 -sws 4 <content file>

This, ofcourse, will remind me constatly the absence of the HDMI port on the Dabba2 system.