::"Dabba" Project::
"Man builds house by pushing large stones into a big pile."

Home Theater is ready


Why ? Why ??

This project is really an attempt to get a feel for a "embedded linux" product by putting the various hw and sw parts together to create one functionality.  I chose to center this product around mythtv mainly because it creates a functionality which can be meaningful ( ? or may be just useful)  to non-tech members (family members and friends, the guinea pigs for the experiment). And, very importantly, only these members can judge whether this is a "good product" or bad one.

On the side note, the term "dabba" means a box , a container. To the outside world, it was made famous by the Mumbai Dabbawallas.  And that is the name I gave it to this project.

How it all fits together...

The Dabba hardware itself is built around a mini-ITX x86 platform with the Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350 analog Cable TV receiver.

The overall system looks lik this...

<block diagram>

Though it may look complicated, in reality it is a straight forward head-less PC connected to a TV and operated using a remote.

The first version (Dabba1) of this was built using the Via EPIA-500 mini-ITX mainboard. For the linux initially started with a minimal 2006.1 gentoo  and then shifted to OpenEmbedded distribution.

Now for the second version (Dabba2)  I am moving to Intel D510MO and the bleeding edge OpenEmbedded distribution.

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