::"Dabba" Project::
"Man builds house by pushing large stones into a big pile."

Home Theater is ready

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*** On this page capture the philosophy and the current status.
Highlight the overall difference between Dabba1 and Dabba2

What about learnings ? May be caputred in Dabba1 and Dabba2 ....

Why ? Why ??

This is my attempt to get a feel for a "embedded linux" product by putting various hw and sw parts into "a box" .

The term "dabba" means a box , a container. To the outside world, it was made famous by the Mumbai Dabbawallas.  And that is the name I gave it to this project.

How it all fits together...

<block diagram>

<Current Status>

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.....This will be the overll overview page with links on the RHS for various topics....

<hw platform>
<a linux distribution>
<InitRAMFS> for the boot logo
<Front Panel>

Current Status