Grabber for Dabba2

Things are not the same !

Looks like  pytvgrab  is not active anymore, is defunct,  there is a new EPG aggretator (  for India, and  XMLTV has the grabber for this data source developed by ravi. There is only one hitch, the grabber needs the perl infra which is currently weak in the Dabba2 openembedded distribution.  Basic perl (0.5.8) itself is no problem, it is already included. It is the dozens of other remaining modules which are the problem...

So now need to find out whether the new grabber can be used as it is or adopt the Dabba1 grabber for

Grabber for Dabba1

In mythtv, mythfilldatabase  collects the schedule information and updates the myth database. This component is expected to run automatically and  frequently (even nightly) for the EPG data to be fresh and useful. The mythtv EPG processing is dependent on the XMLTV framework and a grabber being present  for each region. Unfortunately for the Bangalore region there is none, so I cooked up one