VIA EPIA 500 Mini-ITX Board

VIA EPIA 500 was an impulse buy without even thinking what it will be used for simply because it looked so compact..It is amazing considering all the abuse it has taken so far.

VIA EPIA 500 Board

CPU :  Embedded VIA  C3 Processor (500 MHz)
This, of course, is a pathetic processor but when coupled with the MPEG hardware encoder/decoder it is OK.
Chipset :  VIA 8601A North Bridge,  VT8231 South Bridge
Let us say, it does not get in the way
Graphics:  Integrated Trident Blade 3D graphics core
Does not matter, not used as the whole Dabba display works on the ivtv frame buffer.
Audio :  VT1612A AC\u201997 Codec,
OK, SPDIF works too.

LAN:  VIA VT6103 Ethernet PHY,  Supports Ethernet 10/100Mb
When connected to passive switch, the cable has to be a short one.  This learning will come in the hard way as it is not mentioned any where.
USB:   2 USB ports, USB v1.1

TV-Out: not used

RCA Video or S/P DIF Port
This dual function port may be used either as a RCA Video port or as a S/P DIF port. Very useful when configured as SPDIF port.